Providing liquidity to creditors of bankrupt companies since 2013.


Trench Capital is a specialist distressed credit boutique. We assess and acquire unpaid invoices, insolvency claims and delisted securities providing creditors and investors with solutions to monetise financial  obligations they are owed:


1)    We have extensive hard-to-value and illiquid credit experience in numerous jurisdictions, having completed multiple operations across the UK, Continental Europe, Hong Kong and Singapore since our inception back in 2013 (traded as Trench Capital Partners LLP between 2013 and 2017, a previously FCA-regulated entity);


2)     We benefit from a vast experience settling complex transactions with bespoke trading documentation and a standby escrow facility with Lloyds Bank;


3)    We mostly value our deep relationships with our stakeholders: agents, advisors and insolvency practitioners and are always looking at expanding our relationship base;


4)  We follow a selective, long-term and flexible investment approach capitalising on technology to manage risk and price transactions. 

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Trench Capital Ltd is committed to the prevention of financial crime such as money laundering and the funding of terrorist activity. We modelled our risk-based internal policies voluntarily in accordance with HMRC's anti-money laundering guidance. Furthermore, we routinely check the IIR and disqualified directors register for insolvency restrictions. Our investments are checked for compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015. Our contractors and deal introducers are asked to adhere to the Bribery Act 2010.




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Trench Capital is growing and there is a real entrepreneurial feel to the firm. Everyone is encouraged to say what they think and opinions are actively sought. We expect and promote high levels of collaboration, teamwork and constructive challenge.


We are always looking to meet like-minded individuals who share our enthusiasm, entrepreneurship, stamina and gravitas to assist with deal arranging and trading.

Interested professionals are kindly requested to send a CV to



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Trench Capital's directors are proud and privileged to support every year - in a corporate and personal capacity - a few causes and/or social entrepreneurs.


Our engagement aims to surpass our small financial donations: we strive to leverage our involvement with our time, skills and energy.


We are hoping in 2018 to assist 4 to 5  charities in the performing arts and patient-focused care. Our target donation is c.£2,000 per cause and around 30 man-hours of our time. Kindly contact us by emailing if we can help.


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