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TC TESSERACT is our proprietary AWS Lambda module for pricing and valuing insolvency claims in the UK and Germany*. TESSERACT is a process automation tool developed and administered by a small London-based team of dedicated consultants. The platform pulls data aggregates continuously from a variety of sources, and deal-specific information from a network of advisors. Computation protocols are defined by Trench Capital to quantify risks, price investment opportunities and monitor transactions.

Access is restricted at the time being to data providers, advisors, and debtors. TESSERACT is not a marketplace.


*Germany currently in development/testing. Expected to be deployed in Q3 2018

TC TESSERACT ist unsere Software zur Bewertung von Insolvenzforderungen in Großbritannien und Deutschland. Derzeit ist nur die UK-Version in Betrieb, da sich das deutsche Modul noch in der frühen Entwicklungsphase befindet. Sobald dies  fertiggestellt ist, wird diese Website ins Deutsche übersetzt.

Portfolio Analytics
Recovery Analysis
Risk Assessment
Administrator's Strength
Credit Quality
Correlation / Liquidity
Process / Timing / Likelihood
Quantum / Waterfall
Assets Realisation
Valuations / Leakage
Execution / Annulment